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Comprehensive Real Estate Services in New York

An essential part of all mortgage proceedings is entrusting the help of a law firm that recognizes the needs of both the lenders and their clients. At Kaplan, Kaplan & DiTrapani, LLP we understand that the intricacies of negotiation procedures can be difficult to completely understand. We are of the firm opinion that knowledge is power, and we are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you. During this process, we can help guide and instruct all parties available so that a fair and informed resolution can be summarily reached.

our-officeServicing the greater New York area, the main goal here at Kaplan, Kaplan & DiTrapani, LLP is to expedite mortgage-related transactions of all types. Our skilled team of attorneys have experience with refinances, loans, and consolidations- but we can also provide support and impart valuable advice on a wide range of other topics. Whether it be helping borrowers apply for CEMA or troubleshooting a binder agreement, our number one priority is being there for our clients.

Our years in the mortgage banking industry, facilitating healthy relationships between borrowers, brokers and lenders, have helped create a synergistic environment wherein all involved benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience we’ve gained. We’ve helped countless clients make sound business investments and wise real estate transactions. We have found that in most cases, a quick and orderly close is the prime concern of all parties. That’s why at Kaplan, Kaplan & DiTrapani, LLP we stress speed and diligence. However, our service is never compromised in the pursuit of an express closing. Our approach is thorough, dedicated and extends throughout the entirety of your process. If any unforeseen problems are to arise after the date of your original close, we’ll be on hand to help you smooth them out.

At Kaplan, Kaplan & DiTrapani, LLP our consultations are always free. So if you’re seeking representation or assistance in the field of mortgage banking, please don’t hesitate to call.