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An unprecedented track record. An unflagging commitment to service. And a prestigious team of attorneys unparalleled in the law community. That is what KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP offers those looking for representation in real estate and commercial litigation. The world of real estate is fraught with complexity and potentially ensnaring legal nomenclature. If you’ve been subject to any such red tape or confusion, then you need the power and support of a law firm that deals in results

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Co-op / Condo Litigation
There are many bylaws regulating the sale and operations of cooperative units and condominiums, including a great many differences between the two. Understanding the particularities of title insurances, flip taxes, mortgage taxes, renovation permits, subletting regulations, etc. and how these issues apply to both co-ops and condos can be confusing and time consuming.

We represent both residents and owners, and have a long track record of resolving disputes. If you’re a resident of a co-op or condo who feels as though you’ve been treated unfairly, or you are an owner dealing with a tenant that’s neglected to make payments, we can help you reach a swift resolution of your issue.

Americans with Disabilities Act Issues
In 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed, seeking the comprehensive elimination of discrimination against those with disabilities. From a builder’s standpoint, there is often a need to address the matter of accessibility. At KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP, we know that a little forethought goes a long way. We can help make sure your building is in accordance with ADA regulation and easily accessible to all. We can help you create a safe and user-friendly environment, and by doing so, avoid any future litigation.

Fair Housing Act Issues
If you feel that you’ve been discriminated against by a seller or landlord due to your background, your rights may have been impinged upon. While a seller may legally cite financial issues as grounds of denial or eviction, their personal prejudices should not enter the equation. If you feel like you’ve been treated unjustly, KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP can help advocate your claim in court. The Fair Housing Law is in place to secure your civil rights as a resident, and we are here to enforce those rights.

Loft Law
In 1982, legislation was passed in order to protect the rights of residents living in formerly commercial spaces. Known colloquially as the “loft law,” this act sought to maintain an acceptable standard of living for these converted spaces, as well as protecting their residents from unfair evictions or rent increases.

In 2011, however, the language of the bill was modified to include a greater portion of New York City’s commercial-turned-residential living units. KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP, we can help clarify the changes that have taken place, and how they may affect you and your business. We also represent those living in loft-type spaces, who feel they are being treated unfairly.

Landlord / Tenant Litigation
The landlord / tenant relationship is a delicate one, with many directives in place seeking to prevent either party from taking advantage of the situation at the expense of the other. We represent landlords, tenants, and management companies, the unifying tie being the indefatigable support we provide for our clients.

Construction / Development Issues
At KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP, we feature a hand-picked team of attorneys who specialize in construction and development issues, with decades of collective experience working side-by-side with general and sub-contractors, developers, lenders, and landowners across a wide array of real estate litigation cases. Whether it be simple neglected payment matters or less straightforward structural defect cases, we can help advise and support you throughout the entirety of your case.

Zoning Issues
Conceived to benefit neighborhoods by providing balance-controlling parameters. They help keep areas distinguished and aim to avoid overlaps of purpose or function that may detriment a given area on the whole.

That’s not to say that all land-use laws are set in stone. The right attorney can help you attain the approvals and permits necessary to realize your individual goals. We can help you gain support for your project, and navigate whatever legal difficulties you may encounter along the way.

Commercial Real Estate Disputes
Real estate disputes that halt production waste valuable time, and remedying disputes often involves extraneous costs. At KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP, we aim to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. We know that every day you spend settling contractual disputes is a day you could’ve spent finishing the task at hand. That’s why we are eager to avail our services to you, with an experienced team of attorneys on standby 24/7. Regardless the size of your operation, we can help keep it operating smoothly.

Contract Disputes
At KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP, we can help provide invaluable mediation and arbitration for all contract disputes. If the you necessitate litigation, our attorneys can help advocate your claim in court. Experienced in lease agreements, dissolutions of LLCs and partnerships of all kinds, and other various business-related disputes, the attorneys at KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP can help you realize a quick and equitable resolution.

Mortgage Foreclosure
Foreclosure is obviously something all parties wish to avoid, but in the event foreclosure becomes the only option, KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP can help simplify and expedite the process. We’ve handled every type of foreclosure, ranging from the basic to the highly complex. We have years of experience with all of the following types of cases: multiple lien cases, mezzanine loans, commercial properties; we’ve also helped our clients with all forms of liquidation.

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