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The initial stages of both buying and selling homes involves acquiring and completing preliminary paperwork. This paperwork, generally provided by real estate brokers and lending banks, isn’t hard to come by but can become hard to keep track of. An attorney can help keep your documents organized- we know the order in which these forms must be completed and can help you gather the requisite materials needed to complete them.

All of this material will be compiled prior to the signing of any contracts. When the package is ready, it’s time to draft and complete a written contract. While a verbal contract is sufficient in holding a property, (what’s known in the business as a “binder” or “binding agreement”) a professionally drawn-up written contract is necessary for an authorized transaction to take place. We can review the contract prepared for the buyer before they sign. We’ll ensure its legal tautness, and help design the language to meet your precise specifications.

We will also act as liaison between you and the buyer’s attorney, as well as between you and the lending bank, keeping you attuned to all developments and helping you settle any disputes that may arise along the way. There will also be the matter of clearing the title, an area we specialize in. We’ll help you free the home of any encumbrances and liens, in order to reach closing in a swift and orderly manner

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In accordance with our beginning-to-end policy of service, we will also attend your closing. There, we can help you with any last minute changes, as well as calculate the relevant apportionments. These apportionments normally include taxes adjustments, fuel credits, and other assorted charges. If necessary, we’ll prepare a personalized closing statement.

When these steps are complete, you’ll be ready to move on to your new address! Remember, the consultations at KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP are completely free, so if you are thinking of selling your home or making a real estate purchase, contact us today.