Residential Real Estate Closings

New York Residential Real Estate Closings

KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP have years of experience working on both sides of the real estate fence: we’ve helped buyers land their dream homes and have helped sellers quickly and efficiently move their holdings. Faithfully serving the greater New York area, we’ve found both portions of this enterprise extremely rewarding, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Namely, how to provide both types of clients with swift and satisfying resolutions. When it comes to residential real estate closings, we’ve perfected the art of accommodating our clients. Here are some of the ways in which we’ve helped provide, for both purchasers and sellers, seamless transactions in the past.

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The moment you decide on making a real estate purchase, you should consider speaking with KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP. This way, we can work alongside you throughout the entirety of the process. At the outset, we can help obtain all necessary documentation and then help review and negotiate the real estate contract. We will help clarify the meaning behind all of the finer details contained within these contracts, so there’ll be no confusion on your part about your commitment. If you suspect there are any preexisting problems with the property, we can help you locate an inspector and if issues arise, we can help you resolve these before any contract is signed. We then act as liaison between all involved parties, keeping an open line of contact so as to avoid any miscommunications. Oftentimes, coordinating meetings between real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other attorneys in the field becomes an arduous ordeal. We can assist in staging organized and constructive meetings. When the transaction nears finalization, we diligently review all information so as to ensure a sound resolution. We’ll be there with you at closing, and available if any post-transactional snags crop up.

As sellers, you’ve undoubtedly honed your technique over the years as well. Though we at KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP humbly suggest that it never hurts to lay a second set of eyes on important paperwork. We can help review and organize your official documents including, but not limited to real estate contracts. We can also streamline your business. In lieu of you spending valuable time explaining the particularities of contracts to your clients, we can provide them with the information necessary to make timelier and more knowledgeable decisions.

Whether buying or selling a property, we’re eager to help you along your way. At KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP, our consultations are free and easy. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you complete your deal.