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Real estate is an umbrella term encompassing all properties containing man-made edifices, and as such, encompasses a vast swathe of assorted structures. The laws and regulations that apply to each of these buildings varies, and understanding the rules at play can be an inordinately difficult task. At KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP, we understand the plight of the developers, purchasers, and moguls involved in the ever-shifting world of real estate, and we tailor our approach to meet the precise requirements of your deal.

Co-ops & Condominiums
Due to the multi-tiered structure of regulations inherent to these particular structures, there are dozens of legal obstacles to navigate when dealing in cooperative units and condominiums. If you’re a purchaser looking to buy into a condo or condominium, or an owner looking to negotiate a sales process, we can help you by reviewing your official documents, clearing any encumbrances that may be tied to the property, and generally assisting with the legal end of your venture.

Years of experience dealing with virtually every form of lease have helped shape and optimize our team. Now deft in the art of solving all of the problems that may arise when negotiating leases, we at KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP are eager to pass our collected knowledge on to you. We’ve handled all of the following lease types:

  • Ground leases
  • Commercial leases
  • Operating leases
  • Capital leases
  • Loft leases
  • Sublet lease agreements
  • Net leases
  • Acquisitions and Financings
Commercial & Residential Services
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Oftentimes, some legal legwork is involved when reaching an equitable financing solution, especially when dealing with larger projects. If you’re attempting to restructure a loan, or work out a more universally agreeable financing stratagem, it may be in your best interest to solicit the help of KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP. We’ve helped countless clients find the right option when it comes to securing the resources for their acquisitions.

Closing a deal involves more than just buyers and sellers reaching an accord. Clear titles, final reviews and negotiations, and the signing and execution of final documentation culminates a deal. Our firm handles all aspects of the close, dealing extensively in both residential and commercial properties, creating cooperative and synergistic relationships between all purchasers, sellers, banks, brokers and agents involved.

Our expertise isn’t just limited to sales. We can help you with your refinancing process, your work with industrial complexes, and your mixed-use properties. We’ve also helped thousands across the greater New York area find the right co-op or condominium.

If you require help in any of these, or any other real-estate related departments, contact KAPLAN, DITRAPANI, FARIA & RABANIPOUR LLP today for a free consultation.