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Save Money & Time.

At KAPLAN, DITRAPANI & FARIA LLP we want to help maximize the value of your dollar. In the aggressive world of real estate, we realize that timing and efficiency means everything. That’s why we strive to expedite your transaction while trimming down on overall costs by avoiding extraneous fees. How do we aim to do that? By using our collective experience and knowledge to minimize oversight, while streamlining your process. In this way, we hope to, in essence, pay for ourselves and then some.

It’s true that the old adage “time is money” applies here. Indecision can wind up costing you. Having an experienced team of attorneys in your corner 24/7 can allow you to make well-informed and timely choices, and good decisions lead to more profitable outcomes. In the past, we’ve helped countless clients formulate a fast and savvy approach to the real estate game. And we stand by our results.

Save Money & Time.
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We attribute our success to our well-respected team of attorneys, who will be at your continuous disposal. Our lawyers are technologically proficient, never more than an arms-length from their phones and internet-enabled devices. We pride ourselves in promptly answering calls and e-mails. This means you’ll never lack up-to-the-minute information regarding your situation. It is our opinion that clients should never feel out of the loop, and should be entitled to instant access to their files whenever they deem fit. For this reason, we also house secure, password-protected internet databases where you, and only you, can view all pertinent documentation at all times.

As you also know, your time is not the only thing of value. We offer low, competitive prices. Our flat-fee pricing schema is totally transparent and not subject to change. For ease of reference, it’s available for view at all times on our website. We believe it’s important to be perfectly forthcoming with all our costs of service. That’s why you’ll never feel misinformed or purposefully misled for the sake of lining our pockets. That also means when we say our consultations are free, they are in fact always 100% free of charge.

When you choose KAPLAN, DITRAPANI & FARIA LLP, you’re choosing a law firm that you can not only trust, but rely on for results. Soliciting our services means having a dedicated team working alongside you throughout the entirety of your business venture.